Petra Karlsson


Middagshäng i Umeås nya park i gårkväll med min vän Saga (hennes blogg). Idag blir det också stan, hoppas ni har en bra Måndag!


I ate dinner in the new park here in Umeå yesterday with THIS girl. Today I'll also go downtown, hope you all have a nice Monday!


First picture is taken by a friend of mine, check out her blog HERE :)


Hej där! Sommaren rullar bara på. Jag tänker att det fortfarande är början av juli vilket är lite frustrerande då halva redan paserat. Framöver jag har faktiskt lite planer som inte inkluderar att njuta av att vara ensam hemma. Först ska jag på en fotbollscup i södra Sverige (har inte riktigt koll på så mycket gällande det) men jag är ganska tagggad eftersom jag tränat hårt för att bygga upp kondisen. Utöver det bokade jag biljetter till Stockholm igår till den 5:e Augusti då jag och några kompisar drar mot huvudstaden för att huvudsakligen shoppa MEN jag ska troligtvis möta upp någon för bloggprat vilket är något helt nytt för mig. Spännande spännande, får se vad det blir av det. Nu ska jag fortsätta sola, ha en bra fredag:)


Hi! Summer is just keep on rolling fast forward. I feel like it's the beginning of july but we have already past the middle. From now on I actually have some planes that not included enjoying being alone at home. First of all I'm going to a soccer cup in the south of Sweden (don't know that much about it) but I'm excited since I've been working out hard in order to do it. Besides that, I'm going to Stockholm the 5:th of August with some friends. We will mainly focus on shopping but I will actually meet someone up for blog-talk. I'm excited! Anyhow, now I'll continue lying in the sun, hope you all have a nice friday! :)

World cup final

Hej! Nu inleds 6 dagar av egen tid skulle jag vilja säga. Resten av min familj har åkt ner till Göteborg för Gothia Cup och kvar är jag hemma själv. Det finns ingenting så underbart som att gå upp tidigt, göra en ordentlig frukost och sen bara göra precis vad man vill hela dagen. Tidigare sommrar har jag kännt en viss rastlöshet efter flera veckors ledighet men så känner jag inte nu. Jag tror jag bara har blivit bättre på att hitta på saker varenda dag och på så njuta av sommarlov. Hoppas ni haft en trevlig söndag och att ni ser på VM-finalen ikväll (HEJA TYSKLAND) så skriver jag imorgon igen.


Hi! Now I'm going to be alone for 6 days since the rest of my family went to Gothenburg yesterday. There's nothing like waking up early and make your own breakfast peacefully. During other summers I've started to feel restless after being free for a couple of weeks but now I'm not feeling that. I think I've just been doing something everyday. I hope you all have an amazing sunday and that you are going to watch the world cup final tonight (GO GERMANY) and so I'll write more tomorrow!

Sheinside Giveaway


(Dress 1, Bikini, Sunglasses, Dress 2)


Hej! Nu är det dags för en ny tävling här på bloggen. Denna gång har EN er läsare vinna två grejer från alla Sheinside produkter som finns under den HÄR LÄNKEN. (Vinnaren kommer exempelvis kunna få en klänning och en bikin men inte två bikinis eller två klänningar och så vidare.)

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3) Lämna en kommentar under detta inlägg med till epostadress (samma som du använde för att registrera dig)


Tävlingen slutar 26/7



Hi! Now it's time for a new giveaway. This time ONE of you will be able to win two things from all the Sheinside products you can find HERE. (The winner will be able to win a dress and a bikini but not choose two bikinis or two dresses and so on)


All you have to do to participate is: 

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Ends: 26/7


Good Morning summertime!


Throw back med massa härliga bilder på allt möjligt. Idag ska jag bort från Umeå och ut till havet. Ses sen och NJUT av sommaren. 

Throw back with a lot of beautiful pictures. Today I'm going away from Umeå, to a place next to the ocean. See you later and enjoy summer!

Questions and answers


Which Phone do you have? :))

iPhone 4. I'm getting the iPhone 6 when it's out! :)


Is there interracial dating in Sweden? If so what race do Swedish girls date the most. Is it asian guys, indian guys black guys, or another race? I hear Swedish girls prefer asian guys the most when it comes to interracial dating.

I don't know. I think you can't say what every Swedish girl prefer, everyone is different and just because people look the same doesn't mean they think the same way :)



do you have anything against homosexuality? just interested

No absolutely not and I don’t understand why anyone would!:)


Have you ever watched Regular ordinary swedish meal time? Do you/people in your country like Niclas (the guy from the videos). If I'm not mistaken, he's from your town too!

Yes I've seen them, they are funny!


and the last: i love your legs, they are amazing! what exercises did you do to get such legs?

Soccer! HahaJ


could you tell about your diet? how often do you eat, what do you prefer to eat to have such a beautiful body? i want to lose my weight but always do something wrong and feel myself awfully tired and angry and in conclusion give up and start to eat very much food and i realise this is so bad too.

Hi you! First of all I don't know anything about losing weight since I've been looking pretty much the same way all my life but I exercise a lot and therefore I usually don't think pay that much attention to what I'm eating. If you want to lose weight I think you need to ask someone who has been though a weight lost and also know the best way of doing it.  


Hey darling, what do you think of tattoos? Do you plan on getting one in the future? Btw love you and your blog! :*

Thank you! I used to like the thought of a tattoo but now I can't stop thinking of an old me with that still on there.



Do you ever wear heels to school? :)

Sometimes I do, but not very often:)


What country do you want to win the world cup? what do you think about zlatan ibrahimovic?

Of course I like Zlatan, I want Germany to win:)


But you are swedish, why would you want germany to win?

Sweden is not in the world cup this year:)


how often does people ask you about your age and why?

Not in real life but on the internet it's pretty common, I guess I look older in comparison to what I am.





The questions are from my ask, (I've developed some of the answers) ->

Hi there!


Hej där! Nu har jag äntligen jobbat klart och solen skiner i Umeå. Därför tänker jag spendera dagen ute och återkomma med nya outfitbilder imorgon, kram!


Hi there! Now I've finally completed my three weeks of working and the sun is currently shining in Umeå, therefore, I'll spend the day outside and get back to you tomorrow. Hugs!