Petra Karlsson


Here I couldn't concentrate at all about what my instructor was saying. Why was not because of nervously, no it was because of the way the the camera man filmed the situation with all sudden close ups of my face, haha I'll show you in a movie later
The view from the small airplane was so amazing and I think the reality has not really catched up on me yet because I am and was not scared.
It was when we were on a height of 3000 m we jumped. When we opened the plane I was hit by the wind and after that it was just to lean back and go down towards ground in  200 km/h in about 30 seconds until the parachute was released and quite slowly we went down safely. 
My mum also jumped.
My instructor and I.

Happy birthday

Yesterday I celebrated my friend who just turned 16 with a huge cupcake surprise. It's incredible how nice it can be just sitting with your friends over a cup of coffe and talk. Many thumbs up for these girls that I love so much

Pictures from this week

1. My cousins singing for their mom 2. My legs from last look 3. Food at the celebrations of my aunt 4. Daily reading before autumn.


 The bag you can find here

I augusti har jag lyckats fynda två gånger om och fått de två jackorna på bild 1, 2 för 150:- styck. Den svarta är från Carlings och den rutiga från H&M.

In August, I have managed to buy two jackets for a reallygood price, The black one is from Carlings and the plaid one from H&M.