Petra Karlsson

Restyled my room

Spring is actually around the corner even here in Umeå and to be able to survive the last months of the ninth grade I felt for a refreshness of furnishing in my room. What do you think?
For does of you wondering where the coat rack and shelf is from,

Maybelline products

-Maybelline- skapade den allra första mascaran i början av 1900-talet./
-Maybelline-created the very first mascara in the early 1900's.
I veckan har jag fått möjligheten att testa olika prdukter från Maybelline. Ett av resultaten av mina exprimenterande dagar kan du se på bild två. Mina absoluta favoiter har blivit mascaran som faktiskt ger otrolig volym samt ögonskuggorna med långvarande resultat. Skuggan till vänster ger något jag alltid ha sökt efter vilket är ett matt, brun tonat resultat som är lätt att applicera och stannar under en lång tid. Rekomenderas! Desutom kan jag ger er en hint om att en giveaway kopplat till maybelline kommer äga rum, så håll ögonen öppna!
This week I had the opportunity to test different Maybelline products. One of results of my experimentational  days you can see on picture two. My absolute favoiter has to be the mascara that actually gives incredible volume and the eye shadows. The shadow to the left gives a reultat that I always have been looking for which is a matte brown tone that is easy to apply and stays for a long time. Recommended! Also, I can inform you that a giveaway connected to maybelline will take place, so stay tuned!

Going away


Hi! I just wanted to tell you all that I'm going away this weekend, playing futsal. I will not be able to update you with looks so I will probably creat some post about what I'm doing at the moment instead. Hope you'll not get disappointed , if you want "fashion post" you have to wait until next weekend. :/
See you!