Petra Karlsson

Now I can finally introduced petra You have no clue of how much the old name has bothered me, since it was a name I created 3 years ago. Photoblogbypetra still works for finding the blog for does of you that like that. I hope you all have a nice weekend and I will try to creat as many post (with quality of course) the next comming days.

The Island

Here's some pictures from when me and my friend Elin went to Umeås "island" for some studying and photography.



Case: Caseable
Cardigan: Ginatricot
Shoes: Romwe(last year)
Jag har ångest. Ångest över att jag inte hinner blogga. Dessutom skulle jag så gärna vilja ta bloggen en nivå högre genom en mer proffesionell bloggadress. Just nu försöker jag byta  domännamn men jag får inte till det. Är det någon där ute som är bra på det här och skulle kunna hjälpa mig? Maila mig i så fall.  Hoppas ni alla har haft en bra helg.
I have anxiety. Anxiety about that I did not have time to for the blog. Also, I would love to take the blog to a higher level through a more proffesional blog address. Right now I am trying to change the domain name but it doesn't come out right. Is there anyone out there who is good at this and could help me? Email me then please. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Is it possible to have better readers?

This picture cute Melanie Scheer draw of me. She wants to become an artist and I really hope she does because this is really good. Thank you so much dear Melanie, many best wishes to you. ♥


Jacket: Sheinside
T-shirt: Sheinside
Jeans Veromoda
Shoes: Choies
Watch: DW
Hi everyone! Just a quick update about what's going on. Yesterday I celebrated one of my best friends birthday and had such a good time I thought I tell you about it. I met a lot of people and which I would be able to hang out with them every weekend. School has started of pretty good but I still feel like everyone else seems a little more satisfied about there classes than I do. Anyway, I usually do not tell you that much about my personal life and I was wondering if that's anything you would like to see more on the blog instead of just pictures, let me know!

The movie of me skydiving

Here's a movie of my skydiving in Umeå, I hope you like it and a special thanks to Umeå Fallskärmsklubb who did this movie with me.